Ivo Administrators have the option to change suburb names using existing postcodes in Ivo. By changing a suburb name, you will overwrite the old name.

1. Click the cog icon at the top left corner of the Ivo screen to administer Ivo

2. Go to the Ivo Administration tab above the toolbar.

3. Click the "Suburb" button on the toolbar

4. In the field "Select the suburb you wish to modify:" enter the suburb name you are wanting to change.

5.  In the "Suburb" field, add the new name of the Suburb and click the Save button.

6. Ivo will prompt you to update all Entity address records with the new suburb name. 


  • Click "Yes" if you want to update existing address records with the new suburb name, which if the suburb has changed names then it is likely that all records will need to be updated.
  • Clicking "No" won't update the existing records at that time and therefore will need to be changed manually, like for example if the suburb boundaries have changed and only some of the existing records have been affected by the change.