You need to be logged in as an Ivo Administrator to use this function.

To add a new suburb;

1. Click the cog icon at the top left of the screen to administer Ivo

2. Go to the Ivo Administration tab

3. Click the Suburbs button on the toolbar

4. To add a new suburb, click on the Add new suburb hyperlink to display the suburb fields

5. Once you've entered the details, click the Save button.


To edit an existing suburb;

Go through the above process to get to the Suburbs screen

  1. Click the Edit existing suburb hyperlink

  2. In the "Select the suburb you wish to modify:" field, start typing the suburb name and Ivo will display a list of suburbs you can make your selection from

  3. Click on the suburb name and it will auto-fill the Suburb and Postcode fields

  4. You can then edit either the suburb name or postcode

  5. Save your changes.