For clients that are still using the IP Address Allow List

  1. Obtain the new IP address for the user.
  2. Login to 1024's Ivo and view the IP Address query on the dashboard.  
  3. Select the client's record 
  4. Double-click the IP address on the right side of the screen, change the IP address, then click the "Save and Close" button.
  5. Click another record in the table on the left-side of the screen - this triggers the IP change to be saved.
  6. Re-run the query by clicking its button at the top of the Dashboard screen, or click the "Run Query" link
  7. Make sure the user's IP address is updated in the query results
  8. Right-click the "IP Address" column and select the "Put values for selected column in a comma separated string"
  9. Login to Duo (
    Password: noth!blic7shat.JOUG
    (Note: If you save this password, ONLY save it to 1Password)
  10. Click "Duo Push"
  11. Approve the login request on your phone
  12. Click on "Policies" in the navigation menu
  13. Click the "Edit Global Policy" button on the right side of the screen
  14. The "Edit Policy" popup window appears. In the navigation menu, scroll to and click "Authorized Networks" (1)
  15. Delete the existing list of IP addresses, and paste in the new list from Ivo (2)
  16. Click the "Save Policy" button (3)