1024 are presenting a series of webinar's to demonstrate our software, Ivo. To register for an Ivo Demonstration Webinar, click on the link as seen below (not actual link), that will take you to the 1024/Ivo upcoming events page where you'll be shown the list of the Webinar's hosted by 1024. 

To register for an event, click on the Ivo Demonstration Webinar icon that you wish to register for;

You will be taken to the Webinar page that you've selected, then click the green "Register for this webinar" box;

To join the event, enter your email address and press on the green arrow. In the next window, enter your name.

You'll then be emailed the details of the Webinar that you've registered for. You can visit the event page, or click the link to the Attendee Quick Reference Guide to make sure your computer's ready for the webinar.

You'll also be sent another email, click the 'Confirm & sign in' link button to confirm you registration. 

When you want to revisit the webinar site, use the link that you used to register for the webinar. It is a single use URL link that can be used to register for an event, join the live webinar, watch replays of the events or view the events that you've registered for.

On the webinar homepage, use your cursor to open the menu on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Once the menu is displayed, click the "Joined events" link to view all the events that you've registered for.

You'll see the list of joined events as seen below.

Alternatively, you can register your interest for an event at support@1024.com.au, or request more information about the webinar events.