To create a 'Guest User' profile in Ivo you will need to have Ivo Administrator privileges. 

Make sure you administer Ivo to see the Ivo Administration tab.  Click on the 'Staff' button on the toolbar to view the Staff screen.

Click on the 'Add Staff Member' button on the toolbar;

And click 'Yes' to continue;

The 'New Staff Member' form will open. 

  1. You will need to enter a name in the 'New Staff Member' field

  2. Select the entity type

  3. Enter the Start Date

  4. Select 'Guest User' from the Privileges drop down list

  5. Select the 'Role' description from the drop down list (see inset)

  6. Save and Close.

Once you save and close the 'New Staff Member' form, your 'Guest User' profile will have been created. 

You can select the team that this new staff member belongs to by ticking the appropriate box.

You can create a Password for the new user at the time or when the user logs in for the first time, they can create a password themselves.

If you require assistance with the process, please email