Additional DEX partnership approach data collection has been added to Ivo Dec-2021 -

  1. The "Service Setting" and "Interpreter" fields.
  2. Recording of "Referrals"

To record one or more referrals, complete the fields on the left side of the screen, then click the "Save" button -

In the "Referred To" field, type the name of the organisation you have referred the client to. If the organisation doesn't exist in Ivo, click the "Create New" hyperlink to create it -

The completed referral looks like this -


  • You can add as many referrals as you wish, however please note that by default, the DEX only allows a single Internal and single External referral to be reported with any one file note.
    • Ivo will provide a workaround for this limitation by duplicating the "session" record in the DEX report.
    • It is not know whether the department accepts this workaround so you can only use it if you accept the risk that the department may question your organisation's data.
  • You can edit existing referrals by simply clicking the referral in the table, making the required changes, and then saving the referral again.