Note, this process can only be completed by an Ivo administrator.

Certain "Pick Lists" (or "Dropdown" Lists) in Ivo can be modified to suit the needs of your organisation.  To add an item to a list, follow these steps -

  1. Click the cog icon at the top-left corner of the Ivo window.  The "Ivo Administration" tab will be made visible and automatically selected
  2. Click the "Pick Lists" button
  3. Click the list that you wish to add an item to
  4. Click the "New List Item" button in the toolbar

The "Create a new List Code" form will appear -

Type in a unique two-letter code to represent the item you wish to add.  You can see the codes already in use in the main Ivo window, however Ivo will warn you if you enter a code that is already in use in any case.

Then type a description and click the "Save and Close" button.  The new code will now be visible in the main Ivo window.