Regardless of whether your organisation is performing a test migration to web-Ivo, or a full migration, the process described here remains the same.  In fact, the user registration system in web-Ivo is independent of an organisation's actual Ivo data, which means that if you go through this process as part of a test migration, you won't need to go through it again when your organisation is fully migrated - your username and password will remain the same.

When your organisation's Ivo data is imported into web-Ivo, staff are automatically sent a "Verify Email Address" email that looks like this -

  1. Make note of your temporary login password.
  2. Click the "Verify Email Address" button. Please note that as at 2-Mar-2022 there is currently a bug in this process. Your email address will be successfully verified, however after being verified the web-browser is not being directed to the correct Ivo login page, so you will need to manually enter "" in the browser's address bar or click here to open the web-Ivo login page.
  3. Login to web-Ivo using your email address and the temporary password that was provided in the "Verify Email Address" email -
  4. You will be logged in to Ivo
  5. Change your password by clicking your name at the top-right of the browser tab -
  6. Change the password by entering the old password, then the new password, then enter the new password again to confirm it -

    Please securely record your username and password (we recommend using a password manager application). If you have completed this process as part of a "test" migration, the password you have set here will remain the same when your organisation is fully migrated to web-Ivo.

  7. If your organisation requires you to use Two-factor Authentication, then enable it by clicking the "Enable two-factor authentication" button at the bottom, and follow the instructions -
  8. Once the above steps have been completed, you can begin to use Ivo. Hover your mouse over the "Current Clients" item on the left-side of the screen and then choose a client -
  9. The selected client will be displayed -