In Ivo, there is an option to sort Waiting List Records by Date, Funding source, for your own user account. 

To do so, please follow the instructions below;

  1.  Click the Help and Support tab at the top left hand corner of the Ivo screen.

  2.  Then click the My Preferences button on the toolbar, to view the settings for your user account.

  3.  At the top of the settings, type in a search word or phrase to find the specific setting you're looking for and Ivo will jump straight to that settings list.

  4.  In the Waiting List Record Settings options, you will need to set all the options to 'yes' to show the codes and date open in the Waiting List of the Manage Activities screen. You only need to select yes for the options you wish to see.

  5.  Select the order option to 'Sort Waiting List Record by' by clicking the drop down arrow for the list of options for sorting and select the order in which to view the list. 

Once you've made your selections, you can now view the changes in the Manage Activities screen by selecting the 'Waiting List Records' in the 'What to manage' drop down list. 

Alternatively, if you have the 'Waiting List Records' button on your toolbar, then click it to be taken straight to the Waiting List.

The below records are ordered chronologically, however as seen in the screenshot above you can order by funding source to group the various programs together, or order by region to group records by area.

Again, this is a individual user setting, so will need to be set in each users My Preferences settings.