This tool provides an easy way to view any 'Clients without a SCORE' in the chosen period

With the DEX Tool section expanded on the toolbar;

  1. Click on the 'Clients Without SCOREs' button on the toolbar

  2. Select the date range using the Start and End Date fields in the top-left corner

  3. Only Ivo Administrators see the "Show for all staff" option.  This provides a quick way for an administrator to view which staff need to add SCORE data for their clients

  4. When a client in the left-hand table is selected, all their file notes are displayed

  5. Right-click a file note to display the menu

  6. Click on the 'New DEX Assessment (SCORE)' option to open the Assessment window to complete from this screen.

  7. You can use the Refresh Data button to remove any completed records.